Jun 2, 2022 • 2 min read

The Benefits of Accepting Insurance in Your Practice

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The world of insurance can be complex, difficult to navigate, and overwhelming. So when it comes to accepting insurance in your practice, you may be ​​wondering: Is it even worth it?

The truth is, accepting insurance doesn’t have to be difficult.  At Zaya, we make it easy for practitioners to go in-network—and handle all administrative tasks from billing to claims.

If you are looking to grow your practice and diversify your client base, here are some of the benefits of accepting insurance.

Expand who you serve

Many women needing specialized maternity care are only able to access services if they are covered by insurance. Accepting insurance allows you to serve a wider range of moms, especially those who need your services but cannot afford to pay out of pocket.  

In addition, you will make it much easier for parents to find you, as they can search the insurance directories; word-of-mouth works well for cash-pay clients, but not every mother has access to a support group to find recommended providers.

Ensure a steady source of patients

When looking for care, insured patients often look at their coverage first to see who will accept their insurance before they book a visit. If you are listed as a covered provider in their network, a patient will be more likely to find you and book your services. 

This is particularly relevant when it comes to maternity care, as parents are more likely to trust their insurance company provider directory over other sources that are seen as less trustworthy (such as Google, Yelp, etc.) 

Spend less on marketing

Accepting insurance can also help you market your services through online resources, such as insurance company directories. In fact, patients are increasingly utilizing these resources, which are much more user-friendly than in the past, to access benefits information and to find the right provider.

In addition, sites like Zaya can also help you broaden your exposure by making it easy for patients to find and book care with you. Our in-network practitioners get a personalized profile page in our online directory, highlighting their clinical expertise, care philosophy, insurances accepted, and more. From there, patients can easily book a visit directly online with them, based on their set availability.

Diversify your client base

When it comes to growing your practice and gaining stability, accepting insurance can help. Revenue from insured patients is likely to come in steadily (especially if you are a Zaya practitioner since we pay our providers regularly for services provided), providing diversification.  

An all-private-pay practice has the downside of income fluctuations, especially if you do not have a regular set of clients booking consistently.  

Choosing to accept insurance can provide a buffer against the unpredictability of some private-pay clients, and reduces the administrative burden required in following up with your clients to ensure payment.

How to accept insurance at your practice

Accepting insurance can seem daunting, especially since the process can be long and complex. The good news is: Zaya is here to help.

Zaya gets you in-network with insurance companies, and provides enhanced terms and guaranteed payback for every visit. In addition, we handle all the administration from billing to claims, so you can spend more time with patients (and less on paperwork.)

The bottom line

Insurance will not get easier, but with Zaya, you can gain the benefits of accepting insurance, without additional burden.

If you are a maternal health specialist looking to accept insurance in your practice, get started with Zaya today by joining our practitioner network.