Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Zaya?

    Zaya is building the first practitioner network of maternal health specialists whose services are covered by insurance. Our mission is to establish a new standard for maternal care by making it more accessible and affordable for all women. Zaya allows you to easily find and book the right care services for you based on your preferences, needs, and insurance.

  • What insurance networks are accepted on Zaya?

    Practitioners on Zaya are currently in-network with Aetna, EmblemHealth, Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Oxford Health Plans, and/or UnitedHealthcare in New York state. If we don’t take your insurance or aren’t in your area yet, join our waitlist to be the first to know when we are.

  • Does my insurance cover services provided by Zaya’s practitioners?

    Many insurance plans now cover maternal care related services such as lactation consulting, mental health therapy, physical therapy, nutrition counseling, and acupuncture. Zaya will run your insurance information to check if your care is covered by your plan.

  • What is Zaya?

    Zaya Care is building the nation’s largest comprehensive  maternity care provider network. We’re on a mission to improve maternity  care for better access, affordability and quality. We understand that the administrative burden  of accepting insurance today plays a big part in this challenge – so we make it simple  and financially rewarding for providers  to accept insurance in their practice. 

  • What is required to join Zaya?

    To further our mission of creating access to quality maternal health care, all providers are required to be credentialed through our health plan partners. If your practice is a good fit, you’ll need an independent state license (credentialing # for IBCLCs) for New York state or New Jersey and professional liability insurance.

  • What does it cost to join Zaya?

    $0! It’s entirely free to join and use Zaya.

  • Are there any requirements to being a Zaya provider?

    You maintain complete autonomy of how you practice. This includes seeing as many or as few in-network clients through Zaya as you wish. We do not impose minimum hour constraints or require you to see a certain number of clients.

  • Will I be employed by Zaya?

    No – you will maintain full control over your practice while gaining the support, access and resources of Zaya’s growing network. We welcome you to see any clients you wish.

  • I’m already credentialed with an insurer. Can I still join Zaya?

    Absolutely! Everyone who joins Zaya’s network will be credentialed under Zaya’s Tax ID, regardless of their individual credential status.

  • What will I earn per session?

    The specific rates vary by license type and location. During  the onboarding process you receive full visibility into what rates you can earn. As a Zaya provider, you will have full payment security – Zaya provides guaranteed payments for sessions booked through  Zaya so that our providers  can plan their practice growth.

  • How quickly can I start seeing insurance clients through Zaya?

    We work with our health plan partners to expedite the process. After completion of your application, you could be in-network and seeing clients within 90 days.

  • Does Zaya handle operational and administrative processes?

    We sure do! Zaya handles all credentialing, contracting and  billing (including appeals). We provide back-office support so that you can focus on care delivery.

  • How do clients find me?

    Zaya providers are featured in our searchable, online directory that makes it easier for moms  to find the care they’re looking for.

  • Does Zaya require me to sign a non-compete?

    Nope! You maintain full control of your practice and the clients you see.