Mar 7, 2024 • 3 min read

Growing your business through insurance covered care

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Accepting insurance in your private practice is a powerful way to grow your business. Healthcare costs are a significant concern for many people. Whether or not someone can use their insurance to cover the costs of nutrition sessions can determine if someone sees a dietitian at all, and for how long. By marketing your insurance coverage, you’ll attract more people, and see them over a longer period of time, thus growing your business and better supporting your clients to meet their goals. 

The benefits of marketing insurance-covered care

You’ve made the investment to get in network with one or more insurance carriers; now it’s time to make that work pay off! Reflecting on why it’s important for you business can help you identify the right messages to share with potential clients.

Setting up clients for a journey

Your private practice is your business. And you want to grow that business while offering the best nutrition care. Often, what’s good for your business is also good for the health outcomes of your clients. Your business and your clients are more likely to succeed if you are able to support each client through their entire journey to sustainable lifestyle changes. The thing that often gets in the way is cost. 

When cost is a concern, clients may not be able to afford longer engagements. They may try to squeeze an entire nutrition education into a few sessions, and work on implementation on their own in the months and years to come. When you are able to contain (or remove!) costs, you’re more likely to have clients work with you over a long period of time. As a result, your business is likely to have a more predictable appointment volume AND your clients are more likely to achieve the goals they have. 

Differentiate yourself in the marketplace

In a competitive landscape, highlighting your insurance coverage sets you apart from other dietitians who may not accept insurance. Potential clients actively seek out providers who align with their insurance plans to maximize benefits and minimize their out-of-pocket expenses.

Clearly communicating your insurance acceptance gives you a competitive edge by positioning your services as accessible and inclusive, catering to a broader range of individuals seeking nutritional support.

Getting the word out

To reap the benefits of accepting insurance in your practice, you should make sure your message is clear and consistent across all of your channels. Consider how to best share the information in your standard business assets and whenever there are new updates to push out.

Optimize Evergreen Channels:

  • Website: Your website serves as a central hub for potential clients to learn about your services. Ensure that information regarding your insurance coverage is prominently displayed. Consider creating FAQs that address common insurance-related questions.
  • Directories: If you’re listed on any  provider directories, update your profile to include details about the insurance plans you accept. Insurance coverage is often one of the first things people search for, and you want your in network status to help your profile shine.

Seize One-Off Opportunities:

  • Email Announcement: Send an email to all of your contacts, not just clients!, to let them know that you are now taking health insurance and provide a link of where to book. (You could also send a message when you’re in network with a new plan.) The person you email may not book an appointment with you, but they can refer someone who will.
  • Social Media Posts: Feature your insurance coverage in your social media content. When you’re in network with a new insurance company, let people know! Or, if you’re creating content that will attract new clients, let them know they can use their benefits when they work with you.
  • Referral Partnerships: When you are in-network with new insurance plans, reach out to your referral partners to let them know. Insurance coverage is something that their patients value, and thus referrers will value it too.
  • Client Newsletters: Leverage the regular communications you send to current and potential clients to highlight what plans you’re in network with. Some ideas on how to feature insurance coverage: share announcements when you’re in network with a new plan; mention your insurance coverage when you ask for referrals; or highlight client testimonials that mention how low-to-no costs impacted care.

Accepting insurance can transform your business! It can be the difference maker in acquiring a client and can determine how long you’re able to retain that client. But, in order to reap these benefits, you need to share the message consistently and persistently across all of your marketing channels.