Sep 3, 2020 • 6 min read

Pregnancy Nutrition Tips From the Founders of Sakara

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We had the incredible opportunity to chat with Sakara Life founders, Danielle DuBoise and Whitney Tingle. Read on for amazing tips on pregnancy nutrition, running a business, self-care and more!

Sakara Life is a wellness company that specializes in nutritional programs, products, and supplements, designed to help you feel like your best, most vital self. The nutrition program is based on our exclusive Pillars of Nutrition, which merges ancient healing wisdom with research-backed science. The program is 100% plant-based, organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free with no processed sugars, harmful chemicals, preservatives, or additives. Each meal is ready to eat with minimal prep and conveniently delivered straight to your door. For $50 off your first purchase of Sakara’s nutrition program, use code PN_ZAYACARE50.

Congratulations to you both on your pregnancies! You two have a beautiful, life-long friendship. What would you consider to be the most special part of experiencing pregnancy at the same time?

D: It’s been tough since we’re not able to be together in person right now and we’d usually be spending every day together! But it’s really lovely to be on this journey together, going through similar ups and downs and having each other to lean on. And I’m certain that our babes are already best friends :). 

W: It’s been really great having a shoulder to lean on who knows exactly what this process is like and how I’m feeling. We actually have a lot of moms on our team at Sakara, and being able to relate to each others’ experiences balancing work and motherhood has been so helpful!

What does/did your wellness routine look like in quarantine?

D: Since quarantine, I’ve tried to appreciate the little things that bring me joy. Each morning, I get some kind of movement in, whether it’s going for a walk with my daughter and husband or taking a new Fit Pregnancy Club online fitness class. I also take a few moments to breathe and meditate every morning-I find it very grounding and relaxing (I’ve been loving Ziva Meditation). I’ve also been making it a priority to keep my routine as normal as possible, so I’ve been focusing on continuing to eat my Sakara meals and Beauty Water Drops for optimal nourishment and hydration. 

W: Being pregnant and in quarantine,  I’ve really simplified my life and routine to be less fussy and focus on the essentials of what I (and baby) really need. That goes for my personal care and skincare routines too. I’ve started using more skin oils — focusing more on nourishing my skin, rather than “fixing” it. Same when it comes to my nutrition. When you’re growing a baby inside you, food becomes 100% about nourishment and getting the right ingredients to supply the body and baby with everything needed to thrive. 

Could you share 3 of your best nutrition tips with other expecting mothers?

D: 1. Eat your greens (always organic, at least 6 cups a day)

2. Get clean, organic, and cold-pressed oils like avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil

3. Listen to your body– learn to cultivate that inner voice and listen. 

W: 1. Eat an abundance of organic fruits and vegetables, whose plant fiber feeds the good bacteria in the gut and provides and floods the body with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

2. Incorporate sulfur-rich veggies (such as broccoli and cabbage) in your diet to help eliminate toxins

3. Take a good prenatal vitamin- it’s essential, not just for the baby’s health, but for your own! They say that the baby will take whatever nutrients it needs from you, so if you don’t have enough for both you and baby, then you’re the one that’s out of luck and feels the repercussions.

What do the 9 pillars of nutrition mean to you? And how have they helped you through prenatal nutrition?

D: Our 9 pillars of nutrition were created to set the foundation for true health. Each pillar gives guidance on how to achieve a balanced diet and ensure you’re getting all the essential nutrients needed to nourish and feel your best. During my pregnancy, it’s been more important than ever for me to ensure I’m getting enough leafy greens, healthy fats, and eating a variety of veggies to ensure that my body is functioning as optimally as possible. The biggest benefit of eating a plant-rich diet, whether you’re pregnant or not,  is that it provides your body with key nutrients that play a major role in significantly improving immunity, skin clarity, fertility, and mental health. 

W: Many Americans’ daily diets are lacking essential nutrients regardless of their stage of life, so it’s really important to us here at Sakara to give our clients the tools they need to wholly nourish and fuel their bodies. Being pregnant has reminded me of this importance more than ever— and how nourishing yourself with whole foods, fruits, and vegetables is the highest form of self-love you can give yourself (and my little one)! If you’re interested in learning more about our Pillars of Nutrition, you can check it out here

You’ve interviewed incredible guests on the Sakara Life podcast. Is there a tip or mantra that someone has left with you that you’ve started integrating into your daily life?

D: We recently recorded with Shaman Durek, and he said to question your beliefs and make sure you WANT to believe them. 

W:  Earlier this year we recorded with Arianna Huffington and since then, I’ve really tried to follow her advice and say goodnight to my phone before bed. Lately, I’ve been turning it on airplane mode to guarantee no disturbances (or extra EMFs) during my sleep — and I must say I feel a difference.

One of the many reasons we love Sakara is because it provides delicious, nourishing meals to your doorstep (so helpful for moms navigating the first few weeks of leave)! Do you recommend any other Sakara products or services for those who are expecting?

D: I absolutely love adding our Sakara Beauty Water Drops to my water each morning. These drops help make your water more absorbable by your cells, allowing for more hydration which is crucial for us pregnant or breastfeeding mamas. I also love having our Energy Bars on hand for a snack when I’m on the go working or running after my little one. They are jam-packed with essential nutrients that support stable energy levels, clarity, and alertness (without the effects of caffeine)!

W: I really recommend our Sakara Complete Probiotic Formula. I take it every day, first thing in the morning to ensure that I’m supporting my immune system and supporting a healthy microbiome (which influences everything from digestion to mood, to weight, and yeast balances in the body (which can be a tricky thing during pregnancy and postpartum). With 11 different types of beneficial bacteria, plus probiotics and enzymes, it’s a much more complete supplement than many probiotic pills on the market. We’re also gearing up for another exciting launch this October that’s particularly close to our hearts, as Danielle and I are both pregnant. We’re so excited to share this new product with our community as an incredible way to nourish soon-to-be mamas and their babies with essential nutrients. Stay tuned!!

What’s your favorite tip for productivity? It goes without saying that you both are incredible entrepreneurs, moms, and business leaders – how do you do it all?

D: No such thing as doing it all! Just do what you can and be proud of that and do work that you find fulfilling and fun. 

W: I will say that my Sakara deliveries continue to be a lifesaver as I haven’t figured out how to find time to cook 3 meals a day while continuing to work full time, running a business from home. Having something truly healthy and nourishing in the fridge that’s ready to eat is a game changer, and allows me to spend the time and energy focusing on what I need to accomplish each day.

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