May 5, 2022 • 2 min read

What Motherhood Really Means, According to the Experts

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What does it mean to be a mother? With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we decided to ask the experts – moms – about what motherhood means to them. 

Their answers were inspirational, touching, and made us laugh. They demonstrated that while motherhood is filled with universal truths, each person’s individual experience is unique. Read the responses below. 

What being a mother means

“Motherhood is a hurricane of emotions. So much love, a lot of frustration, some yelling, then guilt about yelling. I feel a lot of pressure and responsibility being everything to everyone, but not wanting it any other way (most of the time).” 

“It is about unconditional love, despite all the tantrums, demands, and complaints. Your world turns upside down in the most beautiful way. It’s frustrating to no longer be in control of your life, but one smile from your child brings you all the joy in the world.”

“Motherhood looks like juggling. As a full-time working mom, it seems like there are always more things to do than can get done. There are always lists of things to do–appointments to schedule, thank you cards to write… Then there’s work and being with your kiddo–juggling!”

“It really depends on the day, week, or year. Some days it was joyous and fun with excitement and anticipation, other days it was absolutely crazy, running around trying to do so many things and wondering when the current developmental phase would be over! Some days you feel inadequate and fearful, and other days you cannot put into words the love that you feel.”

“Motherhood is being happy to give so much love and care to another and be entranced watching them grow. It’s also exhausting, anxiety-provoking, and mentally and physically overstimulating.”

Thanking the mothers in your life this Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, don’t forget to call the mothers in your life to celebrate all they do.

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