Sep 16, 2020 • 4 min read

Your Guide To Managing Motherhood and COVID-19

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Pregnancy is already an emotionally and physically challenging time. And now, with Coronavirus, many pregnant women are experiencing increased anxiety about how to prepare for it all.

Before COVID, there were at least some aspects of motherhood and birth that moms could prepare for- like who could visit you in the hospital, and if you could have a doula during birth and postpartum. But now, with COVID, it seems like nothing can be planned and instead, things are changing daily and sometimes even hourly! Becasue of this, many moms are faced with tough questions like: What if my husband gets COVID-19? What if my doula or midwife isn’t allowed to be with me or what if they get COVID? Who will watch my other children if grandma and grandpa are isolating? 

The most helpful piece of advice is to focus only on the aspects of your labor and delivery that you can control. By preparing yourself physically and mentally, creating contingency plans for different scenarios, and discussing the upcoming days and weeks with your birth partner and family, you can still approach childbirth with confidence, despite the current circumstances. Here are our key recommendations:

Talk to your doctor, midwife, or doula about their specific policies.

Just because your neighbor’s friend’s cousin labored without her husband doesn’t mean you will. Before you start spiraling into full-blown panic, talk to your specific maternal care provider about how they’re handling this pandemic. While we all know by now that policies are subject to change, it’s important you focus on current, relevant facts rather than scary anecdotes right now.

Discuss a back-up plan with your support team, and make sure everyone is on board ahead of time.

If you already know that only your partner will be in the room with you, make a game plan for everyone else you want to be involved. Maybe the grandparents-to-be will join you on FaceTime, or you can set up a Zoom call with your beloved doula. Whatever methods you choose, make sure you test your technology beforehand so everyone is good to go. Don’t forget to add extension cords, chargers, stands, or anything else you’ll need to your hospital bag packing list!

Get specific in your plans, and tell your birth partner where you want computers or phones positioned. 

Make sure your partner has everyone’s phone numbers and usernames saved, and put them in charge of handling the set-up when you’re in labor. After all, you’ll have bigger things to focus on! It’s a good idea to make a few “just in case” plans, whether it’s a FaceTime set-up, a recording of their voice speaking birth mantras, etc. By having technology plans in place, you still have everyone you need there. Maybe not in the way you had originally hoped and planned for, but they’ll be there nonetheless.

Focus on keeping a positive attitude as you approach childbirth.

We know… this is much easier said than done. However, it’s so important! Pay attention to the things you’re saying and thinking, as your labor approaches. Instead of saying things like, “I can’t do this without my doula/mother/birth partner,” instead say, “I can and I will do this, no matter the circumstances.” Find pregnancy and childbirth affirmations that resonate with you, like, “I trust my body to deliver this baby. I am healthy, strong, and powerful. I was made for this,” and repeat them daily. 

Find virtual support through Zaya Care’s network of doulas and midwives.

Sometimes, the only way to put your mind at ease is to talk with experts. Our team of midwives and doulas are certified experts on all things pregnancy and postpartum. Best of all, they’re available 24/7 via text message, so you can get information and reassurance when you need it, from the comfort of your (safe and germ-free) home. Whether you have a medical question or simply need peace of mind, we are here.  

Remind yourself why there are restrictions in place, and that you are not alone.

It feels incredibly unfair that you can’t have your birth dream team with you on the big day, and that feeling is 100% valid. However, it can be empowering to remember the reason why hospitals have new restrictions in place, and that’s for the health and safety of you, your baby, and your healthcare providers. No hospital, no doctor, and no midwife wants to tell an expectant mother that she has to labor without the support she wants. Remembering this simple fact can be a source of strength, patience, and understanding.

Remind yourself that you are not the first or the last woman giving birth in these uncertain times. You are a member of a courageous, strong, and resilient sisterhood, and you are in this together. At Zaya Care we’re committed to sharing these stories, and we hope you take comfort in hearing from women who have walked this walk already. And know this: Your baby will be so proud of their mama.

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