Dec 9, 2022 • 3 min read

Pregnancy and Postpartum Gift Guide

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Shopping for the new mom in your life? Are you expecting and looking for some hints to send to your family? Zaya has you covered this holiday season! We tapped our Zaya Moms to share their very best pregnancy and postpartum holiday gift guide below.

Must-have pregnancy and postpartum gifts:

  • Comfortable and supportive slip-on shoes – especially for the third trimester! Bending over to put shoes on begins to feel like a full body workout when you can’t reach your toes. We’re big fans of this pair of Allbirds
  • Whether you’re experiencing morning sickness (potentially all day sickness), gestational diabetes or are just extra thirsty- hydration is so important. A large water bottle with a straw is a perfect practical gift, and something easy that keeps your water cool and fun to drink from is key. Think this Yeti bottle or Stanley Quencher
  • An e-reader – we like the Kindle since it’s easier on the eyes (especially at night!) – is a must. Postpartum, you’ll get stuck being napped on or during marathon feeding sessions. It turns out reading a book requires two hands, but a Kindle, only one!
  • Prenatal massage gift certificate. I don’t think we need to explain much here, do we? 
  • The Postpartum Recovery Care Kit from Frida contains all the essentials. From specialty apparel you can use at the hospital to critical recovery tools you haven’t even thought of yet, this kit is a game-changer. Just pack it in the hospital bag and you’re ready to go!

Nice-to-have pregnancy and postpartum gifts:

  • Shoulder and back pain is very real during pregnancy. An electric heating pad works wonders to ease tension at the end of a long day, and it’s pregnancy-safe. This one is super portable and affordable, but there’s a ton on the market to choose from.
  • A pedicure gift card will make the 3rd trimester mom in your life smile. (As stated above, she probably can’t reach her toes anymore!). This gift really applies to all moms, too.
  • The shower might become your only alone time as a new mom, and nourishing bath products make it that more relaxing. If you’re breastfeeding, that can dry out your skin, so super moisturizing products like this Nécessaire kit are the way to go. 

Just-for-fun pregnancy and postpartum gifts:

  • At Zaya, we’re all about mom’s self-care. Investing in luxurious candles that help you relax are always worth it. These Frasier Fir candles are one of our favorites year-round but definitely extra cozy in the wintertime! 
  • To keep with the self-care trend, using skincare products that nourish your skin as your body goes through changes is worth it – we love burt’s bees belly butter and palmer’s massage lotion. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just has to feel good, especially post shower.
  • Treat mom to a special piece of jewelry she’ll cherish forever. This gorgeous keepsake necklace from Zoe Lev is the perfect postpartum gift, and can be customized with mom or baby’s initials. 
  • Looking for a gift for the mom who has everything? Look no further. This activity book will bring all the joy and laughs during an otherwise stressful time in her life! Best to save for the mom you know has a sense of humor, too.

This pregnancy and postpartum holiday gift guide is sure to make any mom happy! At Zaya, we make it easy for new and expecting moms to find holistic maternity care covered by insurance. Click here to learn more and find care.