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Here at Zaya Care, we can match you with registered dietitians & nutritionists specializing in intuitive eating that are covered by your insurance. You can browse our network of intuitive eating nutritionists & filter by things like visit type, languages spoken, insurance accepted, & more to find your fit.

90% of Zaya patients pay $0 for one-on-one nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian specializing in intuitive eating

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More about our Intuitive Eating nutritionists & dietitians


How our intuitive eating dietitians can help

If you have ever found yourself in a vicious cycle of restricting and dieting, you may feel it is difficult to trust your body and eat intuitively. Working with an intuitive eating registered dietitian (RD) can help!

Intuitive eating is the process of listening and responding to your body’s hunger and satiety cues. Unfortunately, this is something that we can easily get away from when we use food as a tool to alter the size of our body.

This can lead us to feel we can’t trust ourselves to respond appropriately to our body’s natural cues. Working with a nutrition professional can help you learn to trust your body again and eat without worry. Below are some ways working with one of our intuitive eating RDs can help.

  • Evaluate your eating behaviors and provide tailored recommendations
  • Guide you to improve your relationship with food and eating
  • Guide you to better understand your body’s hunger and satiety cues
  • Address diet-related challenges such as allergies, intolerances, and present conditions
  • Provide ongoing motivation and encouragement 

What to expect in your intuitive eating dietitian appointments

During an initial consultation, your intuitive eating RD will evaluate your diet history and eating behaviors. This includes reflecting on your past history of dieting and relationship with food. From there, they will assess your goals and you will work together to create a plan of action.

During follow-up consultations, your RD will evaluate your progress and address any questions, challenges, or barriers that have come up between visits. Your plan may be adjusted based on these.

The frequency that you meet with your intuitive eating RD will vary depending on your needs and progress.

Working with a dietitian to help heal your relationship with food and better understand your body’s natural cues around food and eating can significantly impact your quality of life and bring joy back to meal times. Because food is so much more than just nourishment.

Insurance accepted by our intuitive eating nutritionists & registered dietitians

Insurance accepted by our network of intuitive eating dietitians varies from provider to provider, but 90% of Zaya patients pay $0 for one-on-one nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian. They may accept the following types of insurance:

Visit types offered by our network of intuitive eating nutritionists

The following visit types are available for patients of our intuitive eating nutritionists include:

  • Video Visit
  • Home Visit
  • Office Visit

Languages spoken by our network of intuitive eating nutritionists

Our nutritionists and dietitians may speak the following languages:

How to book an appointment with one of our registered dietitians

If you’re interested in working with a Zaya Care nutritionist, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click this link to view our directory of registered dietitians & nutritionists currently available near you.
  2. Filter the results by things like insurance accepted, visit type, distance, and language spoken.
  3. Browse through providers and find one that fits your needs.
  4. Schedule your appointment for a time that works for you by filling out your insurance, visit type, and desired date/time of your appointment.
  5. Click Continue Booking.
  6. Create a Zaya Care account to complete your booking.

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